• I am so down for this TMNT Movie (and FWTFIW: new to the franshise - don’t at me)

  • if you haven’t found PDL yet, Reza Farazmand does great work - check it out: poorlydrawnlines.com/comic/a-g…

  • it’s just weird, how there are so many signs, urging people to vote against police oversight measures, in rich neighborhoods… (looking at you in particular, BTV)

  • How strange: On one Mac I use, when I paste (cmd-V) into the filename field (has focus) in a Save dialog, it suddenly jumps to the Documents folder. On another Mac, it simply pastes, leaving the folder as-is. It apparently does this jump, on any keyboard equivalent (ex: cmd-A).

  • as we’ve come to expect from the good folks at TidBITS - a thoroughly approachable and emminently useful guide, to protecting yourself from the scourge of “phishing”: tidbits.com/2023/01/1…

  • ugh; a disappointing hatchett job - more so, since there are important questions to discuss. too bad the author seems to see nothing past their foregone conclusions. vtdigger.org/2023/01/0…

  • The macOS Weather app can notify for severe weather - it’s Settings window, directed me to Settings > Notifications – but Weather was mising. I stumbled on a solution: Open Notification Center & open Weather from there - it immediately prompted to enable. (C’mon Apple :/ .)

  • the OPMI survey is well worth a few minutes of your time - it might help you understand a bit about yourself – and others drj.virtualave.net/OMPI/

  • check out the “Big Five” (personality) survey - well worth a half hour www.personal.psu.edu/%7Ej5j/IP…

  • Here’s to all of us, who’ve been fighting for truth, justice, peace, … for so very, very long now: music.apple.com/us/album/…

  • I started a Note, with lists of of word / term associations - which make sense to me. Since Spotlight indexes Notes.app, the results come up in that context with everything else, so it’s already started to help me find things more quickly. Might try to integrate with Quicksilver…

  • COVID and elevated risk of blood clots, strokes or heart attacks

    “If you’ve had covid, watch out for stroke symptoms: Given that most people have had Covid by now, everyone should be more vigilant about the early warning signs such as chest pain, unusual swelling, numbness or weakness, or sudden changes in balance, speech or vision.” [Washington Post] (with hat-tip to Violet Blue)

    I can tell you from direct experience: Do not waste a moment second-guessing; if someone shows signs of stroke (memomnic acronym is FAST; look it up), get to the hospital ASAP.

  • if you’re able, I hope you’ll join me in supporting the amazing Violet Blue and her book: www.kickstarter.com/projects/…

  • wow; i had no idea how challenging it would be, to get off the treadmill. yet another learning experience.

  • Wow; if you haven’t yet seen Lucky (with Harry Dean Stanton), it is a beautiful thing: www.imdb.com/title/tt5…

  • Alcaraz, on Lindsey Graham - insightful as ever: www.dailykos.com/stories/2…

  • How strange: I just got a “Magic Keyboard” for my M1 MacBook Air - and its Globe key works (to show Character Viewer) – only when not in clamshell mode. It works in either mode, for other things like Dictation.

  • Apparently it's time for M1 users, to migrate their Homebrew config. Like right now.

    Drat; that was an unpleasant surprise:

    For some reason, when I tried brew upgrade today, the response was: Cannot install in Homebrew on ARM processor in Intel default prefix.

    Weird; it’s been working fine, via Terminal in Rosetta, on my M1, for quite some time. Last I saw, that was required, on Apple Silicon.

    I don’t see any warning logged from past “brew update” runs. And I couldn’t find any announcement or release note, that Homebrew is now ready for prime-time on M1 - but apparently someone felt it necessary to force the issue. :/

    So, since I depend on brew and several tools installed that way - including some automation - I dropped what I was supposed to be doing, to sort this out. Here’s what it took for me:

    1. Run brew bundle dump - this will create a Brewfile in the current directory.
    2. May or may not be necessary: Quit & relaunch Terminal, without Rosetta.
    3. Install Homebrew - let it go to the new dir, /opt/homebrew/ - AKA ${HOMEBREW_PREFIX}.
    4. Run brew dump - which uses the previously-created Brewfile, to (hopefully) install what you were using (as much as it can) in it’s new structure, in ${HOMEBREW_PREFIX}.
    5. As long as this succeeded, delete / archive the Brewfile. If not, debug…
    6. If you haven’t personalized $PATH etc.: Follow the directions (in the output above) for updating that.
    7. If you have (personalized $PATH etc.): Update that to also include ${HOMEBREW_PREFIX} (using the ouput as a guide) - note that there are some new environment vairables here, to consider adding to your shell’s config. You’ll likely want to make sure the new dir is before the old one (so any tools not yet updated are still accessible - and new tools take precedence over the now stranded ones).
    8. Update any needed configs that live in /usr/local (ex: for clamav), into the correct place in the new ${HOMEBREW_PREFIX}.
    9. Now find wherever you might have references to brew tools, which are hard-coded for /usr/local, and update instead, to ${HOMEBREW_PREFIX}. Suggestions of places to look: /etc/crontab, user-specific crontabs (ex: crontab -l), LaunchItems and such. And scripts that might be hard-coded for /usr/local. (Yes; hard-coding is “bad” - and sometimes useful to, for example, be sure to use the tool installed via brew, vs. a built-in tool by the same name.)
    10. Repeat on any other systems you need to.
    11. Set a reminder to clean out the stuff in /usr/local, once it’s no longer needed. (It might be sufficient to which each tool, and confirm when they’re all found in ${HOMEBREW_PREFIX} vs. the old /usr/local.)

    Whew! That seemed a bit more difficult than necessary - especially since it was (as far as I could tell) forced without warning.

  • if you haven’t yet had the joy of watching and listening to Rich Ortiz make music, you’re missing out - stunning guitarist, beautiful music, and a huge heart; a treasure. music.apple.com/us/album/…

  • the magic of the US dollar, is precisely this:
    it has value, because enough people believe it does.

    the flipside: that belief is by no means certain to continue indefinitely

  • it’s weird… people on the “right” are constantly whining about how illegitimate X is - based on utter bullshit.   and people of goodwill continually hamstring themselves, adhering to “norms” - while enduring truly illegitimate abuses.   such as this batshit insane Supreme Court. which only has the power we invest them with.   so… until it’s legitimate again, it’s time to stop investing in it.

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