I’m amazed how useful Quicksilver still is. I’ll be blogging more about it shortly.

In the mean time, here’s a quick description of how I use it (and there many features I don’t use).

  • start typing the name of thing, and get it
    • thing can be a: file, app, command, function, …
    • the typing can be - in the middle of the name of what you’re looking for - multiple discontiguous parts of the name - great for getting to specific things quickly - it can even be a typo - which you define as what you meant; powerful - as you type, potential matches are shown for your selection - and it learns: as you make choices, those are rated higher than other potential matches
  • it doesn’t matter where thing lives
  • you define what to do with thing; like:
    • search for thing; with DDG, in a local doc repository, …
    • send thing, to be processed bything2
    • add thing as an argument to a command; in a shell/terminal, or AppleScript, or, …

Best part: It let’s me have a thought about thing, type that in, and move directly to what I want to do with thing. All without remembering where thing is, which app to open, and all that ancillary stuff - which often results in moving my thought process from what I intended to do, to how to do it. Or, sometimes, forgetting it altogether.