• A refreshingly nuanced look at "AI"

    John Siracusa (famed of exacting investigation and insight) has some excellent ideas - and questions - about “Generative AI”. Which we’re now awash in, whether we know it or not: I Made This.

    My own, entirely separate, opinion:

    There is no AI that exists right now; “Generative AI” is a (marketing) label, for systems created on the backs of people, while giving them no credit - and certainly none of the revenue. Calling it “AI” is - at best - a stretch. And it’s the latest twist (of the blade) in the “gig economy”.

  • Ian McDonald’s “The Little Goddess” is beautiful, brilliant - a page-turner! From The Very Best of the Best. Apparently, a novella from River of Gods - my next stop!

  • brilliant - and beautiful!
    a human “walk” through time, across the earth

  • it’s increasingly easy, to feel like the formerly reasonable expectations, of working hard, are now less and less likely to happen, as we descend further into dog-eat-dog.
    so, the choice is between: a) get increasingly resentful; b) temper expectations - while continuing to fix this broken system

  • with piles of books across the place (and devices) I noticed that, depending which pile I find myself at, I’m reading both “The Midnight Kingdom” by Jared Yates Sexton [@JYSexton], and “How to Be an Antiracist”, by Ibram X. Kendi [@ibramxk] - concurrently.
    and, each being seriously grounded in important - and suppressed - history, I find that they’re almost meant to be read together.
    much learning - and much needed.
    which reminds me, that I’ve also been meaning to read Howard Zinn’s “A People’s History of the United States”.


  • Wow: The Nib is sadly on the way out 😢 - but making all their mags available for free download!
    (These folks are amazing - please consider tipping them!)

  • got my first pension check; nice. retiring, is the best (work-related) decision I ever made - LOVING it.
    (BTW: kudos to Cox Auto, for continuing to offer a pension.)

  • Keef, with a great way to look at our obligation to actively make a better world: www.dailykos.com/stories/2…

  • every once in awhile the Danzinger balance, tips more from the usual woodchuck dry humor, to poignance - which some of us know all too well: https://www.rutlandherald.com/features/weekend_magazine/teeds/image_9a74d4f8-2072-572a-b595-a67fbff38408.html

  • ugh; a disappointing hatchett job - more so, since there are important questions to discuss. too bad the author seems to see nothing past their foregone conclusions. vtdigger.org/2023/01/0…

  • the OPMI survey is well worth a few minutes of your time - it might help you understand a bit about yourself – and others drj.virtualave.net/OMPI/

  • check out the “Big Five” (personality) survey - well worth a half hour www.personal.psu.edu/%7Ej5j/IP…

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