• it’s weird… people on the “right” are constantly whining about how illegitimate X is - based on utter bullshit.   and people of goodwill continually hamstring themselves, adhering to “norms” - while enduring truly illegitimate abuses.   such as this batshit insane Supreme Court. which only has the power we invest them with.   so… until it’s legitimate again, it’s time to stop investing in it.

  • “Russian missiles strike Kyiv, shattering sense of calm”
    Bullshit - the only sense of calm, was for people with their heads in the sand, hoping that appeasement would spare any cost to them. Which - and we have overwhelming evidence - simply makes things worse.
    There is one way - only - to stop Putin. And that is to - wait for it - stop Putin.
    There’s no way out by dialog only - the rest of the world must step up, and take direct ACTION. www.rutlandherald.com/news/busi…

  • did we really need more evidence that Elon is a terrible human being? really?? “demanding workers show up for at least 40 hours a week in the office or find another employer”

  • Leah Elliot’s remix of Scott McCloud’s 2008 discussion of Google Chrome - should be required reading for anyone using it. And the rest of us, too.
    “What are you going to do about it?” contrachrome.com/comic/pag…

  • Books Unbanned - thanks to the Brooklyn Public Library 👏🏽


  • more painful evidence that many officials - yes; “even” in VT - are making decisions heavily weighted on political considerations vs. science (but ham-handedly abusing science, to justify): vtdigger.org/2022/03/3…

  • One of the most reliably wrong voices in VT (yes; more than McClaughry) - full of short-sightedness & GOP / Libertarian “values”


  • Bolling’s brilliant take, on Putin’s abuse of his country, to abuse the people of Ukraine


  • “market forces” and healthcare - forcing many of us, to get neither health, nor care vtdigger.org/2022/03/1…

  • as usual, Wiley nails it

    btw, and not sure if it’s intentional: some of us, are just “them” :/

  • my black mug shot #blackmugshots #blackmugshot

  • workers unite - we have a slim chance here, to reverse some of the ground lost over the past half century ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽


  • log4j is not the problem

    The central problem, is the enormous jenga tower that we’ve built:

    • Full of dependencies that virtually no one understands.
    • Dependencies generally chosen, for expedience.
    • Chosen by coders at all levels of in/experience.
    • Driven by “ship it now”, and “move fast and break things”.
    • With management rarely caring about risks - until one becomes a public crisis, which can no longer be ignored.


    1. These crises will get both worse, and more frequent - bad actors (*), have noticed how vulnerable everything is.
    • (* Bad actors of all stripes, not “just” in tech - and some have state-level resources.)
    1. Even still, there will be little fundamental change in how we write & deploy code - because most of the people making these decisions haven’t felt it. Yet.
    2. The “powers that be” think they’re insulated from the pain. It may not be long til they find out how wrong they are.
  • BTW: Here are links to my old blogs, on Blogger (bought by Google):
    (Why give any more to Google - home of “Do(n’t) be evil”.)

  • blogging redux

    Oh… It actually feels good to pay for blogging services with a few bucks - rather than my immortal soul.

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